What is Curb Appeal?


If you have either bought or sold a property in the last few years then you may already be familiar with the term ‘curb appeal’. However if you haven’t come across it before then this page will tell you exactly what curb appeal is and why it is so important when it comes to selling your home.

So what is curb appeal?
Sometimes known as ‘frosting’; curb appeal refers to the overall appearance of your property when viewed from the street, or as its name suggests, the curb, and takes into account elements such as age, design and condition.

The majority of home seekers do a large amount of research before making the decision to view the inside of a property, and this research can include a drive-by reconnaissance mission to check out your home from the outside first. These first impressions can make the difference between a potential buyer requesting a viewing or moving on to the next property.

In a nutshell, curb appeal is crucial for creating a great first impression and getting buyers to come in to see the rest of the property. Curb appeal can also add value to your property; more on that coming up.

How can I improve the curb appeal of my home?
There are a number of steps that you can take to ensure that your home has the maximum curb appeal possible.

Initial impressions
Step back to the curb and take a look at your property, putting yourself in a buyers shoes. Does your property look cared for? Is it clean and in excellent condition? Is there any clutter?

The initial impression that your property should make is that the current owner takes pride in its appearance. It should be clean, tidy and damage free. If your front door needs a fresh coat of paint now is the time to do it!

Make sure any clutter or children’s toys are tidied away and paths should be kept clear and accessible.

A great and economical way to add appeal to any property exterior is to include containers of flowers, potted plants or small neatly pruned trees.

Compare your property to your neighbors
This is especially important if there are a number of properties for sale in your immediate vicinity as they are your competition. You need to make your property the most attractive and memorable one to buyers by making it stand out without compromising on attractiveness.

You might wish to do this by using a different color than your neighbors, refreshing exterior paintwork or incorporating a distinctive feature such as specific lighting or a unique well placed decorative item. Play around with ideas to find how you can make your property the most desirable one in the neighborhood.

Clean everything!
A pressure washer is your best friend when creating curb appeal for your property. You can pressure wash everything from bricks to wood decking, concrete to metal grilles. Giving everything a good pressure wash will leave your property gleaming and make it look like a home that is lovingly cared for.

Hire a gardener
You don’t need to completely overhaul your front garden, but ensuring that you keep your lawns and bushes well trimmed, paths clear of weeds and flowers blooming can add huge appeal to your property. Bright colored flowers and unique garden decorations can attract attention and make your home memorable.

Security is an increasing concern for many homeowners and is something you should be aware of when thinking about the curb appeal of your property. Dimly lit walkways, shadowy corners and high fences can immediately make some home owners feel nervous, particularly if they tend to live alone. Instead, opt for well lit paths and driveways, eliminate shadow-casting shrubs or trees and make the area surrounding your home as visible as possible.

Adding value to your property
At the beginning of this page we said that curb appeal can add value to your property. This is because homes that are well presented and have great curb appeal usually get the best offers from potential buyers. Imagine looking at a tired looking house with peeling paint, overgrown gardens and a broken mailbox. Next door is a beautifully presented property that has a brightly colored front door, hanging baskets full of flowers on the porch and a shiny new mailbox. Which property would you be willing to pay more to buy?

Granted you may have a small initial outlay to make positive changes, but these are almost always worthwhile when higher offers for your property begin to flood in.

When it comes to selling your property; curb appeal is a vital tool that can make or break a sale. Using some of the techniques in this article can help you sell faster and for more.

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