5 Reasons to Love Rancho Santa Fe

5 Reasons to Love Rancho Santa Fe

It’s no secret that people often aspire to live in Rancho Santa Fe. We’ve compiled a short list of only 5 of the many reasons you, too, will love this place.

1. Location and Design

Rancho Santa Fe, California couldn’t be any more conveniently located. Situated about 5 miles east from the Pacific Ocean and roughly 20 miles north of Downtown San Diego, this town was destined to be a not so well kept secret paradise. Even with being so close to the city, Rancho Santa Fe gives off a secret garden vibe with meticulous landscaping and luscious vegetation at every turn. Because Rancho Santa Fe is at a higher elevation, you will catch many glimpses of the spectacular views from just the twisting and turning streets that line the town. The coordinates were originally chosen to be a tree farm for the Santa Fe Railway. When that plan didn’t pan out, the railroad started the planned community in 1922 developed by Lilian Rice. Lilian’s architectural specialty was Spanish Colonial Revival. This style bleeds all the way through Rancho Santa Fe. Today, Rancho Santa Fe is comprised of over 50 neighborhoods/communities many of which are gated and each with their own unique amenities.

2. Education

R. Roger Rowe School

Families in Rancho Santa Fe can rest easy knowing their children will be attending some of the best rated schools in the state. Public education includes access to Rancho Santa Fe School District or Solana Beach School District for elementary and middle school at R. Roger Rowe Elementary (grades K-6), Solana Santa Fe Elementary (grades K-6), or R. Roger Rowe Middle School (grades 7-8). Residents have access to the public high schools of San Dieguito Union School District including Canyon Crest Academy, Torrey Pines High School or La Costa Canyon High School. Rancho Santa Fe is home to 3 private schools, Horizon Prep (grades preK-12), Diegueno Country School (grades K-6) and The Nativity School (grades K-8). Furthermore, there are 25 private schools found within a 5 mile radius of Rancho Santa Fe. You are sure to find the perfect fit for your child’s education.

3. Housing

Rancho Santa Fe Home
Rancho Santa Fe boasts a wide array of living quarters ranging from the quaint village at the center of the Covenant to secluded resort type communities, from sprawling acreage ranch style living to bordering your favorite golf club green. No matter your flavor, you will find an ideal living space that meets your family’s needs. As mentioned earlier, Rancho Santa Fe is home to a number of gated communities including but not limited to Fairbanks Ranch, The Bridges and Santaluz. Whether in or out of a gated community, the housing market in Rancho Santa Fe has proven to be more stable compared to the San Diego County market these last 5 years.

4. Weather

San Diego County is often referred to as “Sunny San Diego”. We have the pleasure of living in a Mediterranean Climate characterized by hot, sunny and dry summers and slightly cooler but still dry (compared to the rest of the country!) winters. But still, being on the ocean sometimes provides the dreaded “marine layer” and along with it, gloom. But Rancho Santa Fe is slightly inland and at a higher elevation than San Diego proper and it’s coastal towns. Therefore, residences experience slightly warmer and sunnier conditions.

5. Recreation

Last, but certainly not least, Rancho Santa Fe provides copious amounts of recreation amenities, in and out of gated communities. RSF is home to many golf clubs, country clubs, tennis clubs and equestrian clubs. There are quite a few parks with spectacular views and playing fields to enjoy. Residences have access to the 68 acres open nature space bountiful with hiking trails and camping that is Arroyo. Not an outdoorsy type? You will also find a few spas ready to shush you back into a little R&R. Not to mention the few restaurants and shopping boutiques found in the Village sure to tickle your fancy.

These are just a few of the many reasons to love Rancho Santa Fe. Did we mention your favorite thing about RSF? Comment below to let us know what you love about our community.

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